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Division 1
Position Club Played Won Lost Drawn For Against Points
00 Airdrie
00 Colville Park
00 Drumpellier
00 Hamilton
00 Strathaven
Division 1 Fixtures
No Date Home Club Away Club Time
1 Wed May 9th Strathaven Colville Park 5.30pm
2 Thurs May 10th Airdrie Hamilton 5.30pm
3 Thurs May 17th Hamilton Strathaven 5.30pm
4 Mon May 14th Drumpellier Airdrie 5.30pm
5 Wed May 23rd Strathaven Airdrie 5.30pm
6 Wed May 23rd Colville Park Drumpellier 5.30pm
7 Wed May 30th Colville Park Hamilton 5.30pm
8 Thurs May 31st Drumpellier Strathaven 5.30pm
9 Thurs June 7th Airdrie Colville Park 5.30pm
10 Thurs June 7th Hamilton Drumpellier 5.30pm
11 Thurs June 14th Hamilton Airdrie 5.30pm
12 Wed June 13th Colville Park Strathaven 5.30pm
13 Wed June 20th Strathaven Hamilton 5.30pm
14 Thurs June 21st Airdrie Drumpellier 5.30pm
15 Thurs June 28th Airdrie Strathaven 5.30pm
16 Thurs June 28th Drumpellier Colville Park 5.30pm
17 Wed July 4th Strathaven Drumpellier 5.30pm
18 Thurs July 5th Hamilton Colville Park 5.30pm
19 Wed July 11th Colville Park Airdrie 5.30pm
20 Thurs July 12th Drumpellier Hamilton 5.30pm
Division 1 Scores
Home Club Home Score Away Score Away Club
Strathaven Colville Park
Airdrie Hamilton
Hamilton Strathaven
Drumpellier Airdrie
Strathaven Airdrie
Colville Park Drumpellier
Colville Park Hamilton
Drumpellier Strathaven
Airdrie Colville Park
Hamilton Drumpellier
Hamilton Airdrie
Colville Park Strathaven
Strathaven Hamilton
Airdrie Drumpellier
Airdrie Strathaven
Drumpellier Colville Park
Strathaven Drumpellier
Hamilton Colville Park
Colville Park Airdrie
Drumpellier Hamilton


Division 2
Position Club Played Won Lost Drawn For Against Points
00 Bothwell Castle
00 Cambuslang
00 East Kilbride
00 Kirkhill
00 Mount Ellen
Division 2 Fixtures
No Date Home Club Away Club Time
21 Wed May 9th Kirkhill Mount Ellen 5.30pm
22 Thurs May 10th Cambuslang Bothwell Castle 5.30pm
23 Tues May 15th Bothwell Castle Kirkhill 5.30pm
24 Wed May 16th East Kilbride Cambuslang 5.30pm
25 Wed May 23rd Kirkhill Cambuslang 5.30pm
26 Mon May 21st Mount Ellen East Kilbride 5.30pm
27 Mon May 28th Mount Ellen Bothwell Castle 5.30pm
28 Wed May 30th East Kilbride Kirkhill 5.30pm
29 Thurs June 7th Cambuslang Mount Ellen 5.30pm
30 Tues June 5th Bothwell Castle East Kilbride 5.30pm
31 Tues June 12th Bothwell Castle Cambuslang 5.30pm
32 Mon June 11th Mount Ellen Kirkhill 5.30pm
33 Wed June 20th Kirkhill Bothwell Castle 5.30pm
34 Thurs June 21st Cambuslang East Kilbride 5.30pm
35 Thurs June 28th Cambuslang Kirkhill 5.30pm
36 Wed June 27th East Kilbride Mount Ellen 5.30pm
37 Wed July 4th Kirkhill East Kilbride 5.30pm
38 Tues July 3rd Bothwell Castle Mount Ellen 5.30pm
39 Mon July 9th Mount Ellen Cambuslang 5.30pm
40 Wed July 11th East Kilbride Bothwell Castle 5.30pm
Division 2 Scores
Home Club Home Score Away Score Away Club
Kirkhill Mount Ellen
Cambuslang Bothwell Castle
Bothwell Castle Kirkhill
East Kilbride Cambuslang
Kirkhill Cambuslang
Mount Ellen East Kilbride
Mount Ellen Bothwell Castle
East Kilbride Kirkhill
Cambuslang Mount Ellen
Bothwell Castle East Kilbride
Bothwell Castle Cambuslang
Mount Ellen Kirkhill
Kirkhill Bothwell Castle
Cambuslang East Kilbride
Cambuslang Kirkhill
East Kilbride Mount Ellen
Kirkhill East Kilbride
Bothwell Castle Mount Ellen
Mount Ellen Cambuslang
East Kilbride Bothwell Castle


Division 3
Position Club Played Won Lost Drawn For Against Points
00 Bellshill
00 Crow Wood
00 Easter Moffat
00 Lanark
00 Torrance House
00 Wishaw
Division 3 Fixtures
No Date Home Club Away Club Time
41 Tues May 8th Easter Moffat Bellshill 5.30pm
42 Mon June 11th Torrance House Crow Wood 5.30pm
43 Wed May 9th Lanark Wishaw 5.30pm
44 Thurs May 17th Crow Wood Easter Moffat 5.30pm
45 Wed May 16th Lanark Torrance House 5.30pm
46 Thurs May 17th Wishaw Bellshill 5.30pm
47 Tues May 22nd Easter Moffat Torrance House 5.30pm
48 Thurs May 24th Crow Wood Wishaw 5.30pm
49 Wed May 23rd Bellshill Lanark 5.30pm
50 Mon July 2nd Torrance House Wishaw 5.30pm
51 Wed May 30th Bellshill Crow Wood 5.30pm
52 Wed May 30th Lanark Easter Moffat 5.30pm
53 Tues June 5th Easter Moffat Wishaw 5.30pm
54 Mon June 4th Torrance House Bellshill 5.30pm
55 Thurs July 12th Crow Wood Lanark 5.30pm
56 Thurs May 10th Crow Wood Torrance House 5.30pm
57 Wed June 13th Bellshill Easter Moffat 5.30pm
58 Thurs June 14th Wishaw Lanark 5.30pm
59 Tues June 19th Easter Moffat Crow Wood 5.30pm
60 Mon June 18th Torrance House Lanark 5.30pm
61 Wed June 20th Bellshill Wishaw 5.30pm
62 Mon June 25th Torrance House Easter Moffat 5.30pm
63 Wed June 27th Lanark Bellshill 5.30pm
64 Thurs June 28th Wishaw Crow Wood 5.30pm
65 Tues July 3rd Easter Moffat Lanark 5.30pm
66 Thurs July 5th Crow Wood Bellshill 5.30pm
67 Thurs May 31st Wishaw Torrance House 5.30pm
68 Wed July 11th Bellshill Torrance House 5.30pm
69 Wed June 6th Lanark Crow Wood 5.30pm
70 Thurs July 12th Wishaw Easter Moffat 5.30pm
Division 3 Scores
Home Club Home Score Away Score Away Club
Easter Moffat Bellshill
Torrance House Crow Wood
Lanark Wishaw
Crow Wood Easter Moffat
Lanark Torrance House
Wishaw Bellshill
Easter Moffat Torrance House
Crow Wood Wishaw
Bellshill Lanark
Torrance House Wishaw
Bellshill Crow Wood
Lanark Easter Moffat
Easter Moffat Wishaw
Torrance House Bellshill
Crow Wood Lanark
Crow Wood Torrance House
Bellshill Easter Moffat
Wishaw Lanark
Easter Moffat Crow Wood
Torrance House Lanark
Bellshill Wishaw
Torrance House Easter Moffat
Lanark Bellshill
Wishaw Crow Wood
Easter Moffat Lanark
Crow Wood Bellshill
Wishaw Torrance House
Bellshill Torrance House
Lanark Crow Wood
Wishaw Easter Moffat


Division 4
Position Club Played Won Lost Drawn For Against Points
00 Carluke
00 Carnwath
00 Hollandbush
00 Larkhall
00 Playsport
00 Shotts
Division 4 Fixtures
No Date Home Club Away Club Time
71 Thurs May 10th Shotts Larkhall 5.30pm
72 Thurs May 10th Hollandbush Carluke 5.30pm
73 Thurs May 10th Carnwath Playsport 5.30pm
74 Mon May 14th Carluke Shotts 5.30pm
75 Thurs May 17th Carnwath Hollandbush 5.30pm
76 Thurs May 17th Playsport Larkhall 5.30pm
77 Thurs May 24th Shotts Hollandbush 5.30pm
78 Mon May 21st Carluke Playsport 5.30pm
79 Tues May 22nd Larkhall Carnwath 5.30pm
80 Thurs May 31st Hollandbush Playsport 5.30pm
81 Tues May 29th Larkhall Carluke 5.30pm
82 Thurs May 31st Carnwath Shotts 5.30pm
83 Thurs June 7th Shotts Playsport 5.30pm
84 Thurs June 7th Hollandbush Larkhall 5.30pm
85 Mon June 4th Carluke Carnwath 5.30pm
86 Mon June 11th Carluke Hollandbush 5.30pm
87 Tues June 12th Larkhall Shotts 5.30pm
88 Thurs June 14th Playsport Carnwath 5.30pm
89 Thurs June 21st Shotts Carluke 5.30pm
90 Thurs June 21st Hollandbush Carnwath 5.30pm
91 Tues June 19th Larkhall Playsport 5.30pm
92 Thurs June 28th Hollandbush Shotts 5.30pm
93 Thurs June 28th Carnwath Larkhall 5.30pm
94 Thurs June 28th Playsport Carluke 5.30pm
95 Thurs July 5th Shotts Carnwath 5.30pm
96 Mon July 2nd Carluke Larkhall 5.30pm
97 Thurs July 5th Playsport Hollandbush 5.30pm
98 Tues July 10th Larkhall Hollandbush 5.30pm
99 Thurs July 12th Carnwath Carluke 5.30pm
100 Thurs July 12th Playsport Shotts 5.30pm
Division 4 Scores
Home Club Home Score Away Score Away Club
Shotts Larkhall
Hollandbush Carluke
Carnwath Playsport
Carluke Shotts
Carnwath Hollandbush
Playsport Larkhall
Shotts Hollandbush
Carluke Playsport
Larkhall Carnwath
Hollandbush Playsport
Larkhall Carluke
Carnwath Shotts
Shotts Playsport
Hollandbush Larkhall
Carluke Carnwath
Carluke Hollandbush
Larkhall Shotts
Playsport Carnwath
Shotts Carluke
Hollandbush Carnwath
Larkhall Playsport
Hollandbush Shotts
Carnwath Larkhall
Playsport Carluke
Shotts Carnwath
Carluke Larkhall
Playsport Hollandbush
Larkhall Hollandbush
Carnwath Carluke
Playsport Shotts


Division 5
Position Club Played Won Lost Drawn For Against Points
00 Biggar
00 Dalziel Park
00 Langlands
00 Lochview
00 Strathclyde Park
00 Torrance Park
Division 5 Fixtures
No Date Home Club Away Club Time
101 Tues May 8th Biggar Langlands 5.30pm
102 Wed May 9th Dalziel Park Strathclyde Park 5.30pm
103 Tues May 8th Torrance Park Lochview 5.30pm
104 Thurs May 17th Strathclyde Park Biggar 5.30pm
105 Tues May 15th Torrance Park Dalziel Park 5.30pm
106 Wed May 16th Loahview Langlands 5.30pm
107 Tues May 22nd Biggar Dalziel Park 5.30pm
108 Thurs May 24th Strathclyde Park Lochview 5.30pm
109 Thurs May 24th Langlands Torrance Park 5.30pm
110 Wed May 30th Dalziel Park Lochview 5.30pm
111 Thurs May 31st Langlands Strathclyde Park 5.30pm
112 Tues May 29th Torrance Park Biggar 5.30pm
113 Tues June 5th Biggar Lochview 5.30pm
114 Wed June 6th Dalziel Park Langlands 5.30pm
115 Thurs June 7th Strathclyde Park Torrance Park 5.30pm
116 Thurs June 14th Strathclyde Park Dalziel Park 5.30pm
117 Thurs June 14th Langlands Biggar 5.30pm
118 Wed June 13th Lochview Torrance Park 5.30pm
119 Tues June 19th Biggar Strathclyde Park 5.30pm
120 Wed June 20th Dalziel Park Torrance Park 5.30pm
121 Thurs June 21st Langlands Lochview 5.30pm
122 Wed June 27th Dalziel Park Biggar 5.30pm
123 Tues June 26th Torrance Park Langlands 5.30pm
124 Tues July 3rd Biggar Torrance Park 5.30pm
125 Thurs July 5th Strathclyde Park Langlands 5.30pm
126 Wed July 4th Lochview Dalziel Park 5.30pm
127 Thurs July 12th Langlands Dalziel Park 5.30pm
128 Tues July 10th Torrance Park Strathclyde Park 5.30pm
129 Wed July 11th Lochview Biggar 5.30pm
130 Wed June 27th Lochview Strathclyde Park 5.30pm
Division 5 Scores
Home Club Home Score Away Score Away Club
Biggar Langlands
Dalziel Park Strathclyde Park
Torrance Park Lochview
Strathclyde Park Biggar
Torrance Park Dalziel Park
Loahview Langlands
Biggar Dalziel Park
Strathclyde Park Lochview
Langlands Torrance Park
Dalziel Park Lochview
Langlands Strathclyde Park
Torrance Park Biggar
Biggar Lochview
Dalziel Park Langlands
Strathclyde Park Torrance Park
Strathclyde Park Dalziel Park
Langlands Biggar
Lochview Torrance Park
Biggar Strathclyde Park
Dalziel Park Torrance Park
Langlands Lochview
Dalziel Park Biggar
Torrance Park Langlands
Biggar Torrance Park
Strathclyde Park Langlands
Lochview Dalziel Park
Langlands Dalziel Park
Torrance Park Strathclyde Park
Lochview Biggar
Lochview Strathclyde Park


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